Vozrozhdenie Bank operates to the benefit of its clients

Vozrozhdenie Bank is a reliable bank for SMEs and private clients with a well-developed network of modern offices in the Moscow Region and other parts of Russia. The bank offers a full package of services based on:

  • long-term partnerships with clients
  • popular banking products
  • new technological solutions
  • high quality services
  • conservative risk management

We are a full-service bank that provides a wide range of financial products to meet our corporate and private customers’ needs.

Our Mission

Vozrozhdenie Bank operates to the benefit of its clients. We support business development and contribute to increasing the welfare of legal entities and individuals by providing them with full-spectrum banking services built on the advanced product line using the sales channels most convenient for our clients. Striving to contribute to building a sustainable regional economy, we support the SME segment and provide high-quality financial services to our private clients.

Our Values

Vozrozhdenie Bank’s most valuable asset is its relationships with customers.

We maintain partnerships with our clients based on responsiveness, humanity and reliability. We are the bank you can trust both in good and bad times. This makes us stand out among other banks, and will differentiate us from others in the future.

We are guided by the bank’s key values, such as responsiveness, humanity and reliability, endeavouring to be the best financial partner for our clients. Fast decision-making, a focus on the needs of each individual customer and personalised services are the objectives to aspire to for all bank’s employees.

Our Strategy

Vozrozhdenie Bank’s strategy is directed at improving the performance and effectiveness of key business areas, including corporate, retail and financial businesses. The bank builds its relations with every client based on their needs, offering a product package rather than a single service. Vozrozhdenie Bank focuses on full-spectrum services, high quality standards and advanced technological solutions.

One of the bank’s competitive advantages is its regional sale and service network. The bank aims to secure long-term, balanced growth for all of its business lines in the regions where it operates. The bank’s strategy is focused on promoting banking products and services mainly in Centre (Moscow, Tula and Yaroslavl Regions), South (Rostov and Volgograd Regions, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories) and Northwest (St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk and Kaliningrad) of Russia. Vozrozhdenie Bank is developing as a responsible company which contributes to the social, economic and cultural development in the bank’s regions of operation.

The bank’s priorities for business segment development are as follows:


The bank is striving to develop long-term cooperation with its corporate customers while maintaining an optimal risk balance. Its core priority is retaining its existing clients and securing a place among the TOP-30 leading banks in the lending market. By 2019, the bank’s loan portfolio is expected to include primarily loans to corporate clients, with a prevailing share of SME loans. The implementation of this strategy will reinforce the bank’s competitive position. Furthermore, the strategic priorities of the corporate segment include:

  • Further expanding the customer base by attracting new SME clients and providing tailored customer service to major clients
  • Implementing the Know Your Client Policy by conducting a thorough analysis of every company serviced by the bank
  • Ensuring a comprehensive approach to servicing each corporate client and its employees
  • Developing remote sales via Client-Bank system and corporate website
  • Balanced development of every branch depending on the real economic potential of the region of operation
  • Offering clients a range of customised products, including cash and settlements, currency services, cash-in-transit and factoring


In its retail business, Vozrozhdenie Bank focuses on a personalised approach to customers, including services provided via remote service channels. The retail business strategy, which covers the period till 2019, is aimed at ensuring active cooperation with the existing customer base and increasing cross-sale and upsale options. The bank aspires to become one of the TOP-15 Russian banks by volume of private deposits by 2019. Its core retail client segments include current depositors, payroll clients, employees of state-owned enterprises or other banks and pensioners. Strategic priorities in retail business are as follows:

  • Providing a full range of products and services via different channels
  • Further developing multi-channel remote services (Internet Bank, Mobile Bank, ATMs and bank terminals)
  • Encouraging private clients to use services provided via terminals, ATMs and remote channels (Internet Bank and Mobile Bank)
  • Improving quality and speed of service
  • Developing product lines (deposits, consumer and mortgage lending, bank card operations, cash and settlements services)
  • Ensuring growth of private deposits at least at the market average level
  • Improving quality of deposit products offered and related services on an ongoing basis given changes in demand and other market conditions
  • Maintaining a high level of quality and profitability of the loan portfolio
  • Developing mortgage lending, securitisation of the mortgage loans
  • Enhancing non-interest income

The bank will continue to develop the bank card segment, focusing on the following areas:

  • Developing multi-channel services for credit card users (Internet Bank, Mobile Bank, ATMs and terminals)
  • Developing and promoting new credit products (in particular, instant-issue cards for bank depositors, borrowers and other clients)
  • Developing the bank card servicing infrastructure
  • Increasing the number of credit card cross-sales and self-service options


Corporate and retail businesses cooperate to improve the bank’s performance and reinforce its competitive advantages. In order to achieve this synergy, the bank plans to continue development in such strategically important areas as:

  • Development of partnerships with construction and real estate companies while implementing the bank’s mortgage programmes
  • Promotion through popular products: customer engagement in the regions of its operation through improving brand recognition
  • Development of a cross-sale system, offering package solutions (including retail services offered to owners and employees of the bank’s corporate clients)

The Department for Target Segments Development established in 2014 is committed to improve efficiency of interactions with all corporate and retail clients given synergy-related opportunities.


The bank’s financial market strategy is aimed at further diversifying its securities portfolio, while maintaining an adequate liquidity level, mitigating assumed risks and increasing asset yields. Vozrozhdenie Bank plans to continue working with government securities and trading in the interbank market.

In order to achieve all of its strategic goals, the bank is implementing a wide range of activities in marketing, business process optimisation, improvement of governance, IT development and HR management.


The bank’s marketing strategy is aimed at promoting the full range of the bank’s products and services using various tools, including direct advertising, communications, promotions and special offers. The bank will continue to implement its loyalty and brand management programmes and conduct market surveys.


The bank is attempting to standardise, optimise, fully computerise and centralise its operations to improve performance and customer service quality. Its strategic priorities include further developing the bank’s Operations Centre, restructuring the branch network, streamlining IT functions and optimising its administrative activities.


Vozrozhdenie Bank consistently improves the effectiveness of its management system. This encompasses development of corporate governance, reformatting of bank offices, improvement of risk management practices and implementation of project management.


The bank strives to use advanced information technologies in all of its key areas. Its first priority is highly-reliability of its systems. Strategic IT changes will include hardware and software upgrades. The bank’s focus is on developing remote services, electronic records management and automation of processes.


The bank’s human resource policy aims at uncovering the potential of each employee to facilitate well-balanced bank development in line with its selected strategy.

The bank will continue to improve its employee recruitment and training practices and incentive system.

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