Business model

Vozrozhdenie Bank’s business model is based on the development of long-term partnership with the bank’s clients. The two main components of the bank’s revenue are interest income and fee income. The bank increases the profitability of its operations through customer-oriented growth in the most promising regions of the country, maintaining a conservative balance sheet structure and providing sources, primarily, by means of attracting client funding. An important priority for the bank remains increasing efficiency of its internal operational business structure.

RUB billion


RUB billion


Key areas for business model development:
  • Operating costs reduction on the back of centralisation and automation of functions
  • Standardisation of business processes and retail outlets
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of IT systems
  • Development of multi-channel remote banking services.

Efficiency of the business model will be achieved through standardisation, optimisation, automation, centralisation of operations and middle and back-office functions – those functions and processes that do not involve direct customer servicing in retail outlets. At the same time, the bank is planning to enhance the quality of customer services in its branches by improving space zoning, optimisation of staff functions and higher performance of the front office as well as through an increase in the number of self-service machines and development of remote service channels.

RUB billion


RUB billion


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