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Vozrozhdenie Bank made significant progress in the implementation of advanced technologies, in customer service and in the organisation of internal management processes in 2014. Based on the year‑end results, Vozrozhdenie Bank joined the top three banks with the most convenient remote service according to research conducted by Private Deposit CX Rank in 2015, which we view as recognition of the bank’s significant progress in this direction. The year 2014 was marked by the centralisation of a wide range of processes. In particular, a specially created Operations centre became a single point for decision making and processing back-office operations. The use of the Anti-Fraud module enabled us to ensure anti‑fraud protection of transactions. We conducted a comprehensive audit of IT systems. The results of this audit became the foundation for a technological platform upgrade. With the development of Internet banking, mobile banking and our ATM network, our services have become even more convenient for our customers.

Vozrozhdenie Bank is continuously working on introducing innovative technologies in all spheres of its activity. Priority is given to such areas as stability of information technology infrastructure; introducing new technological solutions in operational and managerial activities; automation and centralisation of the operation processes; improving remote channels and tools; and the use of advanced software for sales promotion and marketing.

In particular, in the reporting period the bank upgraded its accounting platforms, guaranteed electric power supply system, local data-processing network and server virtualisation platform. Furthermore, we improved monitoring of the bank’s critical systems, and developed procedures for reporting and managing incidents.

During the year, we introduced system modules under technological projects, including the Anti-Fraud module, Factoring module as well as modules for centralised HR records keeping and salary accounting. We also worked on implementation of the “Collection Lite” cash-in-transit planning system.

When introducing advanced technology solutions, the bank cooperates with such major system integrators as OJSC I-Teco, AT Consulting LLC and CJSC Softline Trade. Moreover, it uses software solutions of advanced international and Russian market players such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAS and CJSC Centre of Financial Technologies and equipment manufactured by leading companies (Hewlett-Packard, NetApp, Cisco and Lenovo).

In the future, the bank will continue to improve its information technology infrastructure and develop remote service channels and front-office systems. In 2015, the bank is planning to introduce new technologies for data storage and preparation of statutory and management reporting.


The bank fully launched the Anti-Fraud module, designed to prevent theft of clients’ funds and fraudulent actions with payments received via the Client-Bank system in 2014. The use of the Anti-Fraud module helped to significantly reduce the number of fraudulent payments through the Client-Bank system in 2014 compared to 2013.


Vozrozhdenie Bank began systematically applicating project management principles in 2014 as part of the implementation of new technologies in all areas of operation. A specially created division, the Project Management Department, is meant to ensure the effective use of project management methods in the bank’s current activity. The department is responsible for the coordination of project activities, including the introduction of unified standards and project management methods, coordination of budgeting for project activities, organisation of work of the bank’s project committee and monitoring the progress and results of project implementation. The main achievements of Project management development in the reporting period were:

  • introduction of a project-based culture
  • approval of the bank’s objectives for 2014-2016
  • formation of a project portfolio for 2014-2016
  • setting up the Project committee
  • implementation of project management processes, expense planning and expense control, efficiency evaluation

Formation of a project portfolio tied to the bank’s strategic objectives gives the bank additional opportunities to control its strategy implementation and to use new project management methods and tools.


“Collection Lite” is a high-tech cash-in-transit product introduced in 2014 in order to attract new clients, increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the services offered and reduce the labour and time costs of cash-in-transit and processing. Vozrozhdenie Bank was one of the first in the market to launch a special mobile application for cash-intransit service management.


Vozrozhdenie Bank consistently develops its remote services package. Today, customers can use any ATM, terminal, or online and mobile bank applications to perform such transactions as opening deposits, their direct top-up from card accounts, partial withdrawal of funds from deposits, replenishment of cash in one transaction, receiving information on deposits, getting bank statements, enabling them to perform banking transactions at any time of the day. Remote service functions are expanding on an ongoing basis: thus, CyberPlat payment integrator, connected in 2014, facilitates online money transfers. The bank develops remote channels for both retail and the corporate segment: in particular, the bank revised the remote services concept for legal entities, introducing new options.


The Campaign Management solution launched in 2014 is aimed at personalised service offers to customers based on the analysis of the clients’ transactions and their other preferences and choices. The solution takes the management of marketing campaigns to a new level by helping to accumulate and study information on the specifics of the client base and significantly improving sales performance.

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