Information Disclosure

In its information disclosure policy, Vozrozhdenie Bank discloses the information on its operations on a regular and timely basis making sure it is accessible to all stakeholders, reliable and complete, and keeps a reasonable balance between openness and consideration of commercial interests, and neutrality which means that the bank does not give any kind of preferential treatment to certain groups of information recipients.

In addition to the mandatory information disclosure, the bank voluntarily discloses additional information that may have impact on shareholders’ and investors’ investment decisions. The range of disclosed information is constantly extended in accordance with rating agencies’ recommendations and investors’ inquiries.

The information disclosure procedure is set out in the Regulations on Information Policy that is available in the Investor Relations / Information Disclosure section on the corporate website.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was the winner of the Best Disclosure of Corporate Information via Internet Website award in the Public Company category during the competition held by the National Association of Corporate Secretaries (NACS).

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