Corporate Responsibility

Vozrozhdenie Bank is evolving as a socially responsible organisation, playing a major role in the life of the regions where it operates. Focused on delivering high-quality banking services to businesses and individuals, we contribute to the social and economic prosperity of our country. In our business practices, we are committed to sustainable growth and development in the best interests of our stakeholders. At V.Bank, we have built a unique corporate culture, putting the principles of humanity, reliability and responsiveness at the heart of everything we do. These principles guide us in relationships with our customers and partners as well as guide our employees while dealing with each other. The people who work at the bank — more than 6,000 employees now — have always been and continue to be our greatest asset and main competitive advantage. Looking at the scale, complexity and rate of change our employees need to cope with in order to ensure the implementation of the bank’s strategy, we realise how important it is to help them to develop their fullest professional potential.

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